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Middleware rolled out for DSP environments

OpenFusion e*ORB C-RT Edition offers a minimum, real-time CORBA and POSIX compliant middleware solution to users of digital signal processor environments such as the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) software-defined radio efforts.

The company claims that OpenFusion e*ORB's modular micro-kernel architecture combined with a reduced code and data segment allows it to be ported to a DSP environment. Features include minimal CPU instructions per KB of data transmitted, which the company claims makes it suitable for small form factor, low power, DSP devices such as JTRS handheld devices and 3G wireless cell phones.

The company says it is also suitable applications in other industries that use DSP for pure signal processing or transducer elements, such as ultrasound, geological exploration equipment, robotics, and machine vision.

PrismTech Corp.
Burlington, MA
(781) 270-1177

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