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Middleware simplifies auto entertainment design

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Claiming to offer the first middleware product that simplifies the design process for in-car multimedia devices, QNX Software Systems is introducing the QNX Multimedia Solution at the Convergence 2006 Automotive Electronics Conference in Detroit, Michigan this week (Oct. 16).

The middleware solution includes an embeddable media player and supporting multimedia software that allows automakers and suppliers to build digital information and entertainment platforms. The product claims intelligent connectivity, full customization, and automotive-grade control.

The middleware includes audio and video playback and audio record features. It can also extend the functionality of an in-dash stereo to connected devices such as iPods. To personalize the user experience, the QNX Multimedia Solution can identify any CD, DVD, USB flash disk, or audio/video stream, and automatically synchronize the content on that media source with a customizable database.

The QNX technology also supports multiple independent users with multiple device types, and with multiple playback and record paths. It supports such features as time shifting, trick play (fast forward), and multi-view content presentation on a shared screen.

The middleware package includes device drivers, encoders/decoders, and databases. QNX has established itself as the leader in operating system technology for in-car telematics and infotainment, said Dan Dodge, QNX CEO, and is now “moving up the stack” to provide middleware for automotive suppliers.

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