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mimoOn and TEKTELIC introduce LTE Small Cell reference design

The TEKTELIC 2220 LTE micro eNodeB is a fully featured Small Cell outdoor Base Station, ideally suited for public and private operators, emergency first responders, as well as military tactical communication networks. It is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320TCI6614 Communications Infrastructure SoC which delivers up to 4.8 GHz of DSP processing power through its KeyStone multicore architecture. The 2220 LTE micro eNodeB utilizes a highly integrated Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture and strikes a practical balance between Tx output power, size, weight, performance and cost. The design can be leveraged for NLOS backhaul applications with the appropriate Physical Layer and MAC.

Pre-integrated on TEKTELIC’s 2220 LTE micro eNodeB are mimoOn’s Physical Layer (mi!SmallCellPHY), Protocol Stack (mi!SmallCellSTACK) and advanced Scheduler (mi!SmallCellSPECTRUM), which have been licensed by leading Small Cell product developers around the globe. mimoOn’s developers average over ten years experience each in wireless product development and have used this extensive experience to architect high-performing, customizable and robust software products.

The 2220 LTE micro eNodeB can be seen at the Small Cell World Summit, 4-6 June in London, UK. Representatives from both mimoOn and TEKTELIC will be there to discuss their product in detail.

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