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Mind sets up US collaboration


Mind, based in Leuven, Belgium has contracted Gary Thomas to provide development of eCos and Linux products and also provide a US presence for the company. Thomas was one of the core architects of eCos and was involved in its development since its very early days, first at Cygnus Solutions and later with Red Hat. He was the initial developer of the Linux port to the PowerPC architecture in 1995.

Mind provides consulting, tool chains, development, training and support for Linux and eCos to system development companies. Thomas will based in Colorado and the collaboration, extends Mind's capabilities to support eCos development on new and existing platforms and to port Linux to new PowerPC and other platforms.

GNU based tool chains are available for Linux and eCos for different platforms, including PowerPC (IBM, Xilinx, Motorola), ARM (ARM7/9, Net+ARM, StrongARM, XScale, pxa250), MIPS, SH3/4.

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