Mini Linux embedded device server -

Mini Linux embedded device server


MUNICH, Germany – Digi International introduced the Digi Connect ME 9210 with Digi Embedded Linux. Digi Embedded Linux is the latest version of Linux optimized for development on Digi embedded modules and microcontrollers. About the size of a pair of dice, the high-performance embedded device server is the smallest available with Linux. This allows OEMs to easily add secure Ethernet connectivity using Linux in space-constrained devices.

Mini device server allows easily add secure Ethernet connectivity using Linux in space-constrained devices

Digi Embedded Linux supports the 2.6.26 version of the Linux kernel. It also includes the new Digi Package Manager, a feature that allows updates, enhancements and bug fixes to be downloaded and installed directly in Digi ESP, Digi's Eclipse-based development environment for Linux.

The embedded device server offers customers the highest level of speed and memory available on a device server with a 75 MHz ARM9 processor, 8 Mbytes RAM and 2 or 4 Mbytes Flash. It also features the most peripheral interfaces including 10/100 Ethernet, serial, SPI, I2C, GPIO, CAN, 1-wire and integrated Flexible Interface Modules (FIMs). FIMs provide custom interfaces for tailoring the module to the users' exact application needs.

The device server features an integrated, NIST-certified AES accelerator that provides secure network communication. The accelerator provides 10 times the encryption speed of software only solutions. The device server also features unique power functionality, including power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support to allow the design of devices that require no external power; and Digi Dynamic Power Control, a complete set of hardware and software features for product designs that demand low-power consumption and advanced power management. This reduces the power required to operate the device and saves power on PoE networks.

Based on Digi's NS9210 ARM9 microprocessor, the Digi Connect ME 9210 will support the extended lifecycle of embedded products. The NET+OS operating system also includes support for advanced secure networking protocols such as IPv6, SNMPv3 and SSL further supporting long-term usability. The device server is pin compatible and interchangeable with the Digi Connect ME and Digi Connect Wi-ME.

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