Mini SAR series suits remote keyless entry -

Mini SAR series suits remote keyless entry


Murata Electronics has expanded its SAW resonator product line by adding the SAR series, which consists of 3- by 3-mm devices that are suited for remote keyless entry (RKE) applications. The resonators are characterized by low-profile, low-resistance (less than 1.5 dB in the 315-MHz band), narrow tolerance (±50 ppm), and high reliability.

Because the resonators have high frequency stability, they allow the external components in the resonator circuit to be simplified, contributing to decreased production costs. In addition, to make the products usable at regional frequency bands (i.e., 400 MHz in the U.S. and 800 MHz in Europe), Murata offers various resonators to cover a wide range of resonating frequencies from 300 MHz to 800 MHz.

The SAW resonators are available for $2.00 each in sample quantities. More electrical and mechanical details can be found at

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