Mini SAW duplexer fits wireless comm products -

Mini SAW duplexer fits wireless comm products


The ultra-small SAW Duplexer series is suited for wireless communication products using CDMA800 technology, such as cell phones and laptop computers. Developed by Murata Electronics, the series (global part number SAYSW836MAF0F00), achieves several improvements through sophisticated construction methods and materials, such as a decreased footprint, higher isolation and attenuation, low insertion loss, better reliability, and increased power handling.

By upgrading the mounting method of the piezoelectric element from wire bonding to flip-chip construction, the SAW Duplexer’s footprint was reduced by 52% when compared to its predecessors. This new duplexer offers measurements of 3.0 by 2.5 by 0.80 mm.

The reliability and power handling attributes are also improved in the new duplexer. The reliability increased because of the airtight design composition and improved thermal shock characteristics (HTS 1000 cycles). Samples prices start at $1.00. Additional information can be found at

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