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MIPI Alliance M-PHY ‘2 box’ test solution

TektronixInc. has released its solution for the MIPI Alliance M-PHY testing based on the newly-ratified M-PHY v1.0 specification.  Building on its M-PHY test offering introduced last September, Tektronix now offers mobile device hardware engineers a simple, integrated solution for M-PHY transmitter and receiver debug, validation and conformance testing needs.
The Tektronix solution requires a DPO/DSA/MSO70000 series oscilloscope and an AWG7000 series arbitrary waveform generator.  Developed in cooperation with Synopsys and ST-Ericsson, the Tektronix '2-box' solution provides scope-integrated error detection for receiver tolerance testing and re-usability with a single set-up for both the M-PHY and lower-speed D-PHYSM  specifications.
Synopsys recently released a video demonstrating the capabilities of the fully characterized DesignWare MIPI M-PHY using a Tektronix oscilloscope on its website at www.synopsys.com/mphy.
M-PHY is a high-speed serial interface to the DigRF v4, UniPro, LLI, CSI-3 and DSI-2 interconnect standards of the MIPI Alliance and will be used in the development of mobile devices that offer increased performance, effective power management schemes, robustness against RF interferences and low RF emission. It is expected to see broad adoption across the mobile device industry in the next few years.
The Tektronix '2-box' solution covers both transmitter and receiver tests, including comprehensive high-speed tests, error-detection, pulse width modulation (PWM) signaling, power spectral density (PSD) measurements, and DigRF verification. The ability to perform PSD measurements on an oscilloscope is a patent pending capability while a setup library and MOIs for receiver tolerance with bit error rate testing is also available for verifying M-PHY receivers.
In addition to its M-PHY solution, Tektronix offers customers expanded support for MIPI specifications with trigger, decode and search for MIPI CSI-2 and DSI-1 serial buses on its MS Windows-based Oscilloscopes. Tektronix also offers a TekExpress full-automation toolset for one-button conformance testing of MIPI D-PHY and DigRFv.4 or CSI-2 or DSI-1 logic testing with TLA7000 Logic Analyzers.

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