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MIPI Alliance sets its aim on mobile sensor spec

A Sensor Working Group has been formed by the MIPI Alliance to establish a sensor interface to make easier for developers to integrate sensors into their devices.

This action by the MIPI Alliance – formed to develop interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries – was taken based on what has been learned from an open sensor “birds of a feather (BoF)” group it formed in 2012 in collaboration with the MEMS Industry Group (MEMS MIG).

“We have carefully considered this issue for some time and believed it was appropriate to form the Sensor Working Group to help define specifications for the mobile and mobile-influenced industries to easily integrate sensors into their devices,” said Joel Huloux, chair of the board of MIPI Alliance.

He said that such an effort is needed because sensors are experiencing rapid growth in mobile devices, reaching a critical milestone of 10+ sensors and 20+ signals per device.

To compound matters, he said, the digital interface landscape is fragmented and current standard architectures do not scale to reach future demands.

Huloux said the working group will address these challenges facing the sensor and wireless markets including the digital interface landscape, rapidly expanding sensors per device, varied signals per device and non-scalable architectures.

Ken Foust, sensor technologist at Intel, will serve as the Sensor Working Group chair, and Satwant Singh, director of strategic planning with Lattice Semiconductor will be the vice chair.

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