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MIPS Technologies Launches MIPS Application Development (MAD) program for mobile devices


MIPS Technologies, Inc. has launched a new MIPS Application Development (MAD) Program designed to promote rapid development of applications on the MIPS architecture. The program offers technical support and services for performance testing and compatibility to verify that applications will run as designed on MIPS-Based devices. Through the program, which is the latest offering available through the new MIPS Developer Community, developers can quickly create applications that are fully compatible with MIPS-Based mobile devices to ensure an ideal user experience with their games and other applications.

The initial MAD Program is targeted for development of applications for MIPS-Based devices running the Android platform. A dedicated team of MIPS development engineers will provide compatibility and performance analysis, which will be fed back to the application developer. Full documentation and technical support are available through the MIPS Developer Community at developer.mips.com. In addition, developers can take advantage of a MAD Kit for Android application development.

The MAD Kit offers a full toolchain comprised of the Android software development kit (SDK) and QEMU emulator, and includes a native development kit (NDK) (r5b Windows/Linux). A premium mobile hardware platform will also be available.

For more information on the MAD Program and to request a MAD Kit, visit developer.mips.com/mad-kit/.

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