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MIPS32 34K core powers SoCs for network, storage applications


Santa Clara, Calif.—Targeted at high-performance, cost-sensitive embedded applications, PMC-Sierra Inc.'s latest pair of multi-service processors (MSPs)—the MSP8110 and MSP8120—are powered by the MIPS32 34K core.

The MSP8110 and MSP8120 SoCs provide 64-Kbyte caches with integrated I/O interfaces and consume less than 1.5-W. The MSP8110 and MSP8120 processors are the first additions to PMC-Sierra's MSP8100 family of SoCs designed to meet the performance and cost targets required to support a wide range of applications such as networked appliances, storage systems and security solutions.

Both the MSP8110 and the MSP8120 support the following standard interfaces: two 10/100 Mbits/s Ethernet MAC interfaces supporting industry standard MII/RMII interfaces to standard Ethernet transceivers; a USB 2.0 controller and PHY supporting both host and device mode operation; a 32-bit PCI controller providing PCI 2.3 compliant operation at 33/66 MHz; a 166 MHz DDR I/II SDRAM controller; a local bus interface providing connectivity to boot ROM and flash; and up to twenty GPIO pins that can optionally be configured as UART, SPI, TDM, or TWI ports.

In addition, the MSP8120 features an integrated IPSec hardware acceleration engine that boosts Internet protocol security, and provides secure socket layer performance for security appliances, firewalls, networking, and storage applications.

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