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Mirabilis brings SoC simulation models to the Web


Sunnyvale, Ca. – Mirabilis Design Inc. has taken the next step in system-on-chip hardware and software simulation – VirtualSim Virtual Web, which moves system level models to the Web and makes them Internet-enabled.

According to Deepak Shankar, founder of Mirabilis Design, the offering is designed to facilitate true collaborative product design and distributed model construction.

“I think it substantially reduces technical and installation support cost and enables remote locations to participate in design reviews,” he said.”System and semiconductor companies can now share models with management, customers and contractors without distributing code world-wide or requiring enormous revisions management effort.

“At the same time, universities and design houses can share their Intellectual Property without incurring substantial costs.

The Virtual Web consists of two parts. The first component is VisualSim Explorer, which allows models to be embedded in design documents, blogs, wikis and other Web-based solutions.

Model viewing, simulation and analysis of hardware and software models can be done entirely within the browser from any Internet location without a local software installation.

“The ability to access the models in the Web Browser introduces architecture exploration and design validation to non-Architects, non-programmers, marketing and field personnel,” said Shankar.

The second component is a collaborative model construction fully integrated into the VisualSimArchitect that allows model construction in VisualSim Architect using components located anywhere on the Internet without a local download.

“Web 2.0 has really shown the world how to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing between users. Adopting this approach will enable Architects and system designs to be more innovative and for customers feedback to be available very early in the design cycle,” said Shankar. “To achieve this, we need to change the ways models are constructed and used.”

The Virtual Web combined with VisualSim Architect, a concept-level system design application for architecture exploration of complex electronics systems for performance, power and behavior. The embedded models can contain components developed using C. C++, Java, SystemC and VisualSim libraries.

VirtualSim Virtual Web has been introduced as two products that are currently shipping and available on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX and MAC OS. VisualSim Explorer is a licensed server that enables Web-based sharing. Asingle license can accommodate a large number of concurrent users.

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