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Mirabilis Design announces VisualSim RapidIO Modeling Library


Mirabilis Design has released its VisualSim RapidIO system-level modeling library. The company's VisualSim Architect is used extensively in many applications to architect systems, semiconductors and embedded software.  Combining this RapidIO modeling library with the VisualSim modeling infrastructure, architects can explore the application of RapidIO fabrics in their current and future systems, test the feasibility of protocol extensions, and compute the latency and throughput across the full system containing the RapidIO interface. 

The VisualSim Rapid IO library enables designers to measure the latency and effective throughput of the traffic and software tasks; compute the relative power consumption across architectures and test the reliability of the system.  VisualSim Rapid IO library includes the functional, logical and timing accurate definitions of the 10xN RapidIO 3.0 specification .  The main physical features include device interface, fragmentation, ingress queue, egress queue and a serial switch with multiple lanes. Signals include logical layer messages, flow control, acknowledgments, retry, errors and Read/Write activities.

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The system models using VisualSim will include a combination of sensors, attenuators, processing units, memories, interfaces, buses, software behavior and traffic.  Pre-built analysis reports include bandwidth, buffer occupancy, latency, throughput at the end-node and switches, data loss, and data flow trace.  Other VisualSim modeling IP library include system-level interfaces: PCIe, PCI, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, AFDX, TT Ethernet, CAN and FlexRay; SoC buses: AHB, APB, AXI and CoreConnect; and components: Processors, DRAM, Cache and DMA. 

As a commitment to standards-based architecture exploration, Mirabilis Design has become a member of RapidIO.org. Mirabilis Design will support the technical evolution of the standard and integration of RapidIO based systems.

Mirabilis Design will be demonstrating the library capabilities in the RapidIO.org Booth at the Open Server Summit , Santa Clara (Nov 12-13, 2014 ) and at the Super Computing Conference , New Orleans (Nov 17-20, 2014 ).

VisualSim RapidIO Library is available now as an add-on to VisualSim Architect 14.3.  The product is supported on Windows, Linux, MAC OS and all other forms of UNIX.   

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