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Mirabilis releases Audio-Video Bridging Library

Mirabilis Design Inc. has released an Audio Video Bridging extension to its library of network simulation tools and building blocks that makes it easier to implement the IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1Qat, IEEE 802.1Qav and the IEEE 802.1BA standards.

The AVB library can be used in the design of automotive application, network ICs, professional video equipment, and networks for concert halls and studios.

According to Mirabilis president Deepak Shankar, the Ethernet AVB library is fully integrated with the VisualSim automotive network library and the VisualSim hardware architecture library to model, simulation and design complete systems.

In addition to the Ethernet and AVB network, the system can contain other networks such as CAN and FlexRay, sensors, ECU, hardware accelerators, display units, video processors, and audio equipment.

“The idea behind this new Ethernet AVB library,” said Shankar, “it to provide a mechanism by which system designers can quickly construct models of hardware system that operate on AVB over Ethernet and network using AVB protocol.”

He said engineers can use the library components to create traffic stimulus to emulate sensors, and network traffic patterns. Pre-built parameters values can be modified by the users to experiment with different traffic inputs, traffic shaping algorithms, reservation quantities and hardware attributes to evaluate the impact on latency and throughput.

The Ethernet AVB library consists of AVB traffic generators, talkers, listeners, stream reservation protocol, registration, traffic shaping and clock synchronization.

The pre-built statistics includes latency plots for each stream, histograms of the latency distribution, statistics of the throughput and an extensive tracing of registration, reservation, data transfer, de-registration, and error reporting. A major invention of this library is that networks can be constructed by simply configuring spreadsheets and tables.

“We’ve designed the Ethernet AVB library so it can be used as a training tool for new-comers to AVB and networking,” said Shankar. “A set of templates demonstrate the construction of complex networks, operation of the reservation protocol, and response to AVB configuration changes. Advanced users can immediately start using the library to assemble complex products.

VisualSim Ethernet Audio Video Bridging Library is available now as an add-on to VisualSim Architect 13.1. The product is supported on Windows, Linux, MAC OS and all other forms of UNIX.

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