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Miray ports OS to XScale

MUNICH — Miray Software has made its nOS real time operating system available for XScale processors. The porting has been carried out in collaboration with Technische Universitt M¼nchen. The operating system is already available for almost all processors of the IA32/x86 processor family.

The new port marks Miray's entry into the market of mobile embedded systems and covers the PXA-25x, -26x and -27x processors. Miray is intending to add ports to PowerPC and MIPS processors and is predicting a version for PowerPC for the second quarter of 2005.

The system architecture of nOS has beendesigned for deployment on different processors and the same API is available to applications on different platforms. A nOS program can be executed on any supported platform without changes to source code.

The porting of nOS has been accomplished in collaboration with the chair of operating systems at TU M¼nchen under the direction of Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumgarten, an expert in the field of mobile and embedded operating systems. An iPAQ-3950 PDA has been used as demonstration platform and Miray will provide a demonstration version of the ported nOS for iPAQ for free download on the internet within the next few weeks.

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