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MirrorBit HD-SIM enables 1000X more storage


Spansion will develop a new class of secure, high-capacity SIM card chips, enabling SIM card makers to deliver new solutions for managing distribution of mobile content, securing delivery of applications, and protecting digital rights management (DRM). The integrated solution combines the company's 90-nm MirrorBit ORNAND products with M-Systems' cryptography, logic, and flash file system.

Called an HD-SIM, the card is expected to offer 64 Mbytes of storage, which is 1000 times the capacity of today's SIM cards. Also, Spansion has a roadmap to support capacities up to 256 Mbytes.

Spansion's integrated solution will benefit the entire mobile ecosystem by bringing more storage capabilities to the SIM market, enhancing connectivity for over-the air content downloads and enabling new operator-branded content channels.

SIM cards, which ship with all GSM phones, haven't been previously used to store significant amounts of data. By adding non-volatile flash memory to SIM cards, operators can now create new revenue opportunities and channels with the ability to create specialized content for certain user segments, more effectively manage rights for digital media and enable new enterprise applications, all in a form factor that's compatible with today's handsets. Spansion plans to deliver the single-chip solution in 2007. For more information, visit www.spansion.com.

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