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MirrorLink based software integrates multi-point and cloud connectivity to cars

Finland-based mobile technology provider Ixonos has developed a solution to connect smartphone content and cloud services to in-car infotainment devices. Ixonos IVI Connect integrates both mobile devices and cloud services with automotive infotainment equipment and is compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as with all MirrorLink compliant devices.

The number of cars with Internet access is rising rapidly and some 70 million head units were manufactured in 2011 alone. Ixonos sees here an opportunity to help car OEMs, Tier-1 system vendors in the IVI segment (In-vehicle infotainment) and smartphone manufacturers by providing seamless connectivity. With the productized connectivity solution provided by Ixonos, device manufacturers and application developers can create new and safe services and applications. Ixonos' solution is standardized, verified and compatible with MirrorLink specifications, which significantly cuts down development costs and time.

Ixonos IVI Connect connects cloud services and mobile devices to car head units and enables high-performance multi-device connectivity, explains Timo Salminen, Director, Automotive & Home at Ixonos. For consumers, this translates into palpable benefits: apps, services and media content can be used across devices and throughout the car's inbuilt electronic and audio systems. All content, such as HD video and apps, available on mobile devices or on a cloud server can be connected to the car's head unit and even accessed from the rear-seat displays, taking into consideration driver safety regulations inherent in the MirrorLink standard.

Ixonos is a member of Car Connectivity Consortium and runs the first MirrorLink Authorized Test Laboratory in Europe, making Ixonos the only company that provides a productized connectivity solution, in-car app development and certification in the same package. “Our position as Authorized Test Laboratory means that we can perform IOP and CTS testing close to our customers' locations to help them accelerate the entry to market of their new products”, says Damien De Maya, Senior Manager, Customer Operations, Automotive & Home at Ixonos.

For more information, visit http://www.ixonos.com .

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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