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MISRA-C:2004 tool suite rolled out


LDRA (Liverpool Data Research Associates), a supplier of software analysis and testing has introduced their C/C++ tool suite to support the new MISRA-C:2004 standard. The new standard was launched on October 13, 2004. The LDRA tool suite supports the new standard as well as the original MISRA C standard.

MISRA is the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association. The MISRA guidelines are the culmination of research into the automotive industry and other related sectors, such as the rail, aerospace, military and the medical industry. The MISRA C standard was produced by a consortium of organizations formed in response to the UK Safety Critical Systems Research Program, supported by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

MISRA-C:2004 standard was developed for organizations using the C programming language for vehicle based software. The benefits of adopting the standard are customers can deliver well constructed, documented and tested software and, in addition, benefit from significant time, cost and operational savings for their business.

For more information on MISRA or the MISRA-C:2004 standard you can visit the MISRA website.

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