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Mistral Software’s WLAN reference design targets TIs OMAP5912


Mistral Software's OMAP5912-based WLAN Reference Design (WRD) supports four RF modules: WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, and GPS on a single small form factor board. It also supports Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 /Windows Mobile on TI’s OMAP5912 processor.

WLAN functionality on the board is provided by SyChip’s WLAN6100EB, which has a IEEE 802.11g feature set optimized for mobile handheld devices with advanced power save functions, security capability and physical form factor.

The WLAN Reference Design is appropriate for applications that go beyond basic wireless connectivity. With support for various other wireless technologies like GPS, Bluetooth and mobile telephony, companies can design products for various vertical markets like automotive, consumer, medical, industrial, sporting goods, media devices, and gaming terminals. More information is available at www.mistralsoftware.com or by calling call +1-925-577-0796

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