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Mixed indicators from semiconductor sales in Europe

London, UK — The semiconductor distribution sector in Europe is still slow with sales in the second quarter of 2003 declining by 1.1% versus the same period last year and by 10% versus the previous quarter. Figures from the Distributors' and Manufacturers' Association of Semiconductor Specialists (DMASS) showed consolidated sales were 1.06billion Euro in April to June

The first six months of 2003 showed a decline of 1.25% while the ongoing exchange rate shift between Dollar and Euro continues to distort the statistics as in US Dollars, the same period from January to June 2003 grew by almost 22%.

DMASS represents between 70% to 80% of the European semiconductor DTAM (total available market for distribution) and issues reports quarterly on the European semiconductor distribution market including breaking out by region and main product groups.

In the second quarter Eastern Europe continued to lead growth with a 29% advance following a growth of 21% in the first quarter. Germany continued to stabilise with growth of 11.7% (after 8% in Q1). UK and France are still in a negative growth mode. UK declined by 14.7% (Q1: 18.4%), France by 18.7% (Q1: 20.7%). Italy shifted from a single-digit-growth into a slight decline of 3.5% (Q1: 6.7%). The Nordic countries declined by 18.7% (Q1: -9.4%).

Benelux ended the second quarter with a plus of 21% (Q1: 12%) and Iberia turned its decline from earlier this year into a growth of almost 10%.

Sales of EEPROMs grew 20.7% and microperipherals 17.8% with LEDs up 10.5%, fibre optics sales rising 10% and DSPs growing 9.6%. Discretes and power devices sales were down except power MOS which grew 7% plus.

Programmable logic grew 5% while there were declines for both analog ICs (-11.5%) and microcontrollers (-3.2%).

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