MOBILE: Pegasus mobile development platform features low power requiremen -

MOBILE: Pegasus mobile development platform features low power requiremen

Cupertino, Calif. – Pegasus is a new professional mobile/embedded product development platform from Unicon Systems that features a modular, customizable design. The platform integrates a dual-core ARM11 CPU and peripherals on a compact, open PC board, optimized for cross-development of systems and applications code.

Pegasus applications include mobile devices and stationary systems in mobile telephony, automotive, medical, display and other ubiquitous applications.

Pegasus minimal power usage supports “one wire” bring-up, with both supply voltage and boot image carried over a single USB cable.

Developers can leverage multiple serial console ports (TTL and RS-232), Ethernet, JTAG and SD-Card slots to load boot images using the included U-Boot universal loader.

After initial bring-up, developers can debug and test active systems using those same interfaces with preconfigured support for gdbserver, polled Ethernet, and IP-over-USB.

Pegasus ships ready for installation of almost any Linux-based phone/PDA/communication package, including ACCESS Linux Platform, Google Android and a range of other commercial and community-developed mobile Linux stacks.

An included Platform Developer Kit (PDK) provides a sample Linux kernel port and a full set of working device drivers for the broad range of integrated Pegasus peripherals.

Pegasus supports a range of screen sizes, user interfaces and connectivity options to support converged use models and Web 2.0.

Pegasus features in include a Dual-core Samsung ARM11 chipset; WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM wireless; camera for mobile/webcam applications; accelerometer; multimedia audio/video DSP; NFC for electronic payment processing and other secure wireless operations; advanced power management; available full size SD-card reader; additional USB host connector

Pegasus is available as a complete Product Development Kit, consisting of the Pegasus hardware platform and an Open Source Linux software development kit. Unicon also offers Pegasus as a standard System-on- Display component for stationary applications such as interactive kiosks, infotainment systems, display applications, and for mobile devices.

Pegasus is sold directly through Unicon Systems sales channels. Contact Unicon Systems for pricing and detailed technical information at

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