Mobile TV solution boosts battery life, display quality -

Mobile TV solution boosts battery life, display quality


Delivering the high quality TV viewing experience that consumers have come to expect from their mobile entertainment devices, Hantro has put together (along with Freescale Semiconductor) a mobile solution capable of playing DVB-H broadcasted TV signals. Such a solution can operate on 2G or 3G phones, portable media players, mobile gaming consoles, and other wireless handhelds. Hantro's H.264 multimedia solution complies with the DVB-H standard, and meets IP-IRD capability level A as specified for UMTS phones. Freescale's i.MX21 multimedia applications processor brings easy scalability to QVGA resolution and power management necessary for a low power, high quality, real-time viewing experience.

Various regional flavors of mobile videocasting are already being established in large North American, European and Asian markets. In addition to DVB-H, current standards include terrestrial DVB (DVB-T), satellite DVB (DVB-S), cable DVB (DVB-C), Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial (ISDB-T) in Japan, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Qualcomm's MediaFlo, Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), and Multimedia Home Platform (MHP). For more information, visit

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