Mocana's Mobile App Protection (MAP) makes Android apps self-defending -

Mocana’s Mobile App Protection (MAP) makes Android apps self-defending


Mocana’s new Mobile App Protection, or MAP, is a security solution that enables admins to specify distinct security policies for each enterprise app on every device on their network. Mocana MAP also enables businesses to manage and secure mobile apps they create for the unmanaged consumer devices outside the enterprise network.

Features MAP makes apps “self-defending”, to protect sensitive corporate data at-rest or in-transit, meter usage intelligently, and control access for compliance purposes. MAP wraps individual apps with whatever security policies are desired. MAP enables admins to setup multiple versions of the same app with different security policies for different users, devices and contexts. Wrapping apps with MAP, even in batches of thousands, is automated and takes just seconds on the MAP console. This can be done offline to conform to existing enterprise app staging procedures. MAP is completely transparent to end-users.

MAP can work within your existing mobile device management (MDM) console. Once a smartphone app is developed, the admin loads a finished app binary (APK) into the MAP system, sets the desired app security policies, and MAP does the rest. Third-party apps can be protected without access to source code. Newly wrapped apps are uploaded into an enterprise appstore – or Mocana’s App Catalog — for distribution to users.

MAP secures all kinds of consumer-facing or partner-facing apps, too. For example, consider a bank deploying a home-banking app in the Android marketplace for their consumer customers. That bank could use MAP to secure that app, even though the app is destined for a consumer device that isn’t actually managed by the bank’s own IT department.

With MAP, any enterprise mobile app can encrypt its data with FIPS 140-2 validated security – even if that app didn’t have any security built into it, originally. With MAP, you can put any app behind its own password-prompt. You can prevent cutting-and-pasting (and data leakage) from any app you choose, under conditions you specify. These capabilities ensure that only the authorized user can access the Enterprise app, and prevents the loss of sensitive enterprise data should the device fall into the wrong hands. Data stealing malware is also thwarted, as it cannot gain access to the important data stored within its intended target.

Capabilities coming soon for MAP include: support for Apple iOS apps, limiting usage of apps to certain geographic locations (“geo-fencing”), easy establishment of multiple VPN tunnels between apps and the enterprise, timelocking and timeouts for any app, disabling certain apps when the user is driving, disabling offline use, setting expiry dates for apps or logins, backup and recovery of data on an app-by-app basis, and enabling of app telemetry for app service quality management. 

A detailed product sheet can be downloaded here

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