Modeling and design environment topples SystemC simulator limits -

Modeling and design environment topples SystemC simulator limits

Sunnyvale, Calif.—VisualSim SystemC Modeler from Mirabilis Design Inc. couples the OSCI-compliant SystemC v2.1 simulator to the core of the company's VisualSim simulation engine. The result is a simulator that extends SystemC's capability to the macroarchitecture level while tripling the construction speed of transaction-level models and adding prebuilt traffic, analysis, and resource sharing functions.

Specific improvements are said to supercede the forthcoming OSCI System 3.0 specification by including graphical UML entry and XML-based connectivity management, graphical state machine definitions, application-specific traffic operators, and more.

VisualSim SystemC Modeler also extends SystemC's FIFO register and basic programming constructs with prebuilt parameterized building blocks like traffic generators, schedulers, architecture resources, and data path and control flow structures.

VisualSim comes in two configurations. VisualSim Architect is a desktop application for building and testing models; VisualSim Explorer is server software for viewing and executing simulations with a Web browser.

With prices starting at $1,700, VisualSim SystemC Modeler is available for Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms and requires VisualSim Architect. OSCI SystemC v2.1 in included at no charge.

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