Modem module reduces total cost of ownership -

Modem module reduces total cost of ownership


The XE2422H low-cost modem module offers dial-up communications at 300, 1200, and 2400 bits/s and supports alarm industry Pulse and FSK signaling. The module, designed by Xecom, is a complete modem packaged as a compact, surface-mount leadless chip carrier (LCC) module. Other features include handset interrupt and connect detect, allowing the modem to discreetly share the phone line with other equipment. It targets applications such as point-of-sale terminals, set-top boxes, and security systems.

The XE2422H addresses some of the costs related to integrating a modem into an embedded system. These include design and manufacturing costs, overhead, and the cost of the modem itself. A transferable FCC Part 68 registration is included. Eliminating these design and qualification tasks also helps shorten development time. The XE2422H reduces the number of components to be sourced, kitted, and placed, thereby lowering assembly and overhead costs. In quantities of 100,000 pieces, it sells for under $8. Visit the company at

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