Modular functional automotive test system improves coverage -

Modular functional automotive test system improves coverage


The Agilent TS-8900 automotive functional test system is a standardized PXI-based solution which is especially suited for testing medium- to high-pin-count electronic control units.
It provides up to 20 percent better throughput compared with earlier Agilent automotive functional test solutions. Using simultaneous measurement channel capabilities should  improve test coverage, including, for example, untested pin monitoring for random spikes that can signify defects in the control unit.
The system is based around the Agilent 32-channel M9216A high-voltage data acquisition  PXI module capable of acquiring dynamic voltage levels ranging from 1 mV to 100 V at 250kSa/s per channel simultaneously

The TS-8900 test system, along with two other automotive-focused PXI modules – the M9186A voltage-current source and M9185A digital/analog converter –  provide direct connectivity to electronic control units without the need for external front-end signal conditioning circuitry.
It comes with a suite of more than 200 built-in applications-tuned test libraries and is built to provide stable and repeatable tests, making it easy for manufacturers to deploy the same tests across different sites around the world.

The Agilent TS-8900 will be on show at the IPC APEX 2011 tradeshow in Las Vegas 12-14.

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