Modulation domain analyzer tool updated -

Modulation domain analyzer tool updated

The Pendulum TimeView modulation domain analyzer software package from Spectracom has been designed to support critical test functions and TimeView 3 turns a Pendulum CNT-91 timer/counter into an advanced,  real time measurement analyzer.

Applications include analysis of pulsed RF in radar equipment, real time monitoring of short-term stability in synthesizers and test of frequency control components.

Spectracom says this enhanced version also emulates the behavior of Agilent’s discontinued model 53310A.

An modulation domain analyzer (MDA) can visualize frequency variations over time, just as oscilloscopes show voltage variations over time.

Spectracom’s MDA solution consists of two parts. The CNT-91 Frequency Analyzer being used as afast sampling front end and the TimeView 3 MDA software, running on a PC.

TimeView 3 builds on the features available in the existing version 2.1, with a more user-friendly graphical interface and more automated settings to meet user requirements.

As well as the Agilent 53310A emulation mode other improvements include precise FM calibration, post-processing functions including wander metrics (MTIE and TDEV), and improved pulsed RF visualization.

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