Modules cut costs for semiconductor characterization and test -

Modules cut costs for semiconductor characterization and test


National Instruments has expanded its PXI platform for semiconductor characterisation and production test with per-pin parametric measurement unit (PPMU) modules and source measure unit (SMU) modules.

The NI PXIe-6556 200 MHz high-speed digital I/O with PPMU, the NI PXIe-4140 and NI PXIe-4141 four-channel SMUs should decrease test times and increase mixed-signal flexibility for a variety of devices under test.

The NI PXIe-6556 high-speed digital I/O module enables the generation and acquisition of a digital waveform at up to 200 MHz or the performance of DC parametric measurements with one percent accuracy on the same pin, simplifying cabling, decreasing test times and increasing the density of the tester.

Timing skew due to different cable and trace lengths to the device under test can be eliminated with the built-in timing calibration feature that automatically adjusts timing for these differences. The NI PXIe-6556 comes with an option to switch in another NI SMU for higher precision, and engineers can trigger parametric measurements based on hardware or software triggers.

The NI PXIe-4140/41 SMU modules provide four SMU channels per PXI Express slot and up to 68 SMU channels per PXI chassis in 4U of rack height to simplify testing of high-pin-count devices. With sampling rates of up to 600,000 samples per second, engineers can drastically reduce measurement times or capture important transient characteristics of the device.

The NI PXIe-4141 features next-generation SourceAdapt technology that engineers can use to custom tune the SMU output response to any given load to achieve maximum stability and minimum transient times.

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