Modules provide hi-speed USB to RS232/RS485 interfacing -

Modules provide hi-speed USB to RS232/RS485 interfacing


The USB2-H-9002-M and the USB-H-9004-M are two serial adapter products from EasySYNC Ltd which provide Hi-Speed USB 2.0 to multi-channel RS232/RS485 (DIL switch selectable) conversion capabilities, targeted at a range of communications and industrial control applications.

The USB2-H-9002-M adapter is a USB to 2-port RS232 or RS485 level serial UART adapter incorporating Future Technology Devices International, FTDI, FT2232H Hi-Speed USB2.0 (480Mb/s) to dual serial UART interface IC device.

The USB2-H-9004-M adapter is a USB to 4-port RS232 or RS485 level serial UART adapter incorporating the FTDI FT4232H Hi-Speed USB2.0 (480Mb/s) to quad serial UART interface IC device. The maximum RS485-level data rate is 10Mbps and the maximum RS232-level data rate is 1Mbps.

Selection of RS232 or RS485 signaling is made using DIL switches on the front of the adapter. Each of the dual or quad channels can be independently configured as either RS232 or RS485.

Each RS232 channel supports connectivity via a 9-pin, 5mm terminal block  while a 3 pin terminal block is used for each RS485 channel. The Ring Indicator (RI) pin of each RS232 channel can also be configured to output a +5V supply if the RI function is not required.

TXD and RXD LEDs provide an independent visual indication of data traffic through each channel of the adapter. A power LED also indicates power to the adapter. Both modules come in a rugged metal enclosure which can be easily mounted to a standard DIN rail. The adapters can be powered entirely through from the USB interface or, if required, can be independently powered using an optional external +5V DC (1A) power supply which connects via a 2.1mm jack socket.

The USB2-H-900x-M adapter requires USB device drivers which are available free of charge from EasySYNC http:/ These drivers allow the USB2-H-900x-M to appear as a Virtual COM Port (VCP). This enables serial communications using software utilities such as HyperTerminal, to exchange data through the USB2-H-900x-M to a legacy RS485 or RS232 peripheral device. The drivers are Microsoft Windows® WHQL-certified, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows CE device drivers.

The metal enclosure and flexible mounting allow the USB2-H-900x-M adapters to provide a fast, simple way to connect an RS232 or RS485 interface to USB. They can be used in a variety of applications, from a portable adapter to accompany a laptop to permanent installations in industrial, commercial and retail locations.

The adapters are FCC and CE approved and are specified over an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C. The adapters come complete with a standard 0.9 meter USB cable and a +5V power supply.

The USB2-H-9002-M is $120 and the USB2-H-9004-M $160

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