Molex buys Motorola's Danish antenna lab -

Molex buys Motorola’s Danish antenna lab


LONDON — As part of a global expansion of its antenna business, Molex Inc. has purchased the equipment assets of the Motorola antenna/EMC measurement lab in Aalborg, Denmark.

Molex will use the lab, which has antenna and EMC measurement equipment, including anechoic chambers, an EMC chamber and a specific absorption rate (SAR) system, for RF research projects to advance antenna technologies for wireless applications.

Separately, Molex will hire engineers and technicians to operate the chambers and test equipment, which will expand its research efforts. The EMC testing capability will reinforce the company's Molex’s role as a antenna supplier.

Ellen Maassen, antenna business unit director at Molex said, “The Motorola antenna/EMC measurement lab is a strategic extension of the innovative product and service offerings we deliver to consumer electronics customers every day – particularly as wireless technologies become a standard in many consumer and business applications.”

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