Molex releases Micro-Latch 2.00mm wire-to-board connector system

Molex announces the Micro-Latch 2.00mm Wire-to-Board Connector System, ideal for customers in the industrial automation, consumer, and automotive markets. The connector system is ideal for compact applications needing a high-temperature design that still meets all the standard requirements while offering superior reliability. Unique features enable the connector system to have better terminal retention, enhanced ruggedness, and exceptional mating capability.

The Micro-Latch 2.00mm Wire-to-Board Connector System offers two to 15 single-row plug-in circuits, with both vertical and horizontal configurations; through-hole terminals; a 2.00mm-pitch low-profile connector; RoHS compliance and high-temperature capabilities; crimp terminals and cables widely available in the market; a fastener with terminal lance; a friction lock; and polarizing features—like the removal of one side housing wall—to help avoid mis-mating.

Compared to similar connector systems in the market right now, the Micro-Latch 2.00mm Wire-to-Board Connector System has a smaller depth and height, higher temperature-range durability, a higher voltage rating and smaller cables.

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