MontaVista brings embedded Linux development to the masses -

MontaVista brings embedded Linux development to the masses

Santa Clara, Calif.—MontaVista Software Inc. released MontaVista Application Developer Kit (ADK) 5.0 that delivers a set of intuitive, interactive, and essential plug-ins for Eclipse, the open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which streamlines and automates embedded Linux development.

The release also includes powerful analysis tools and virtual targets that vastly improve developer productivity to meet customer requirements and deliver more features within shortened development cycles.

According to MontaVista, version 5.0 is the most easy to use embedded Linux development platform available.

MontaVista ADK 5.0 has been redesigned to reduce the complexity of embedded Linux application development and analysis so this larger class of application developers can be more productive.

With ADK 5.0, application developers do not have to deal with the complexities of selecting, integrating and configuring the thousands of Linux development components. ADK 5.0 includes a suite of advanced analysis tools that help developers identify how system resources are being used, how applications and processes are affecting the system, and which are taking up too much system memory and affecting overall device performance. Now development teams can focus on building more features that differentiate their product, on time.

DevRocket 5.0, the IDE component of ADK 5.0, is available for the first time, as a set of pure Eclipse plug-ins, allowing developers to access all development tools from one interface.

ADK 5.0 also includes a comprehensive Linux virtual target designed to reduce development time and costs. Virtual targets and cross tools allow developers to create their applications in a virtual environment emulating the hardware of the finished product. As this is done concurrently to hardware development, organizations no longer need to wait for the finished hardware before creating their applications, increasing time-to-market.

ADK 5.0 is currently available for purchase. For more information, click here.

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