MontaVista Posts Small Footprint Linux Preview -

MontaVista Posts Small Footprint Linux Preview


Sunnyvale, Ca. — MontaVista Software Inc. is posting on-line a preview edition of its Linux Professional Edition 2.1, designed for developers of embedded networking and small footprint iappliance applications. It is designed to demonstrate several new features and technologies in the professional edition.

The Preview Kit is designed to use the same network-based development environment as MontaVista Linux Professional Edition, including components such as DHCP, NFS and tftp. With the Preview Kit, developers receive a full MontaVista Linux kernel running on a range of popular reference platforms including eleven processors from six architecture families.

It is designed to let developers explore the building and debugging process and invites them to evaluate MontaVista Linux networking and real-time performance capabilities through a variety of tools and software components. It also offers a hands-on preview of the MontaVista developer environment, designed for cross-platform development of embedded applications.

In addition, developers will be able to sample MontaVista Linux LSPs (Linux Support Package) for a range of popular reference platforms. Supporting documentation for the hosts and targets covered in the preview kit is also available.

Available at no charge, the preview kit can be downloaded now from

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