MoonLander-Lite cuts costs of using Moon1 native processor for Java -

MoonLander-Lite cuts costs of using Moon1 native processor for Java

Vulcan Machines, a developer of processors for Java-based applications, has released a low-cost development system for use with its Moon1 32bit processor. The MoonLander-Lite development platform features an implementation of Moon1 on Altera's Nios development board.

This enables rapid embedded software development and eases the evaluation of Vulcan's Moon1 processor technology.

MoonLander-Lite includes a reference design comprising a number of peripherals, including an enhanced UART and external SDRAM memory interface pre-loaded into the on-board flash memory to boot upon power up. Excluding the core itself, which is supplied in encrypted form, full HDL source code for the reference design is included, along with a fully functional HDL simulation test bench.

Additionally, the development kit incorporates a full suite of software development tools along with code examples to demonstrate the functionality of Moon1.

Mark Goodson, sales & marketing director at Vulcan, explained, “Our original MoonLander provides a high-end environment for the development and prototyping of complex SoC systems based around Moon1, whilst MoonLander-Lite provides a low-cost software target and evaluation system.”

Moon1 executes bytecodes directly, subsequently running an order of magnitude faster than software solutions. Using Moon1 enables high performance native Java execution whilst minimising the system size, cost and power consumption.

The processor is supplied as semiconductor intellectual property (IP) in the form of HDL or FPGA netlist for incorporation into customers' SoC designs.

Based in Royston, England, Vulcan Machines was set up in September 2000 to develop Moon for deeply embedded Java-based applications.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) February 2002

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