Moore’s Law: Dead and buried by 2022? -

Moore’s Law: Dead and buried by 2022?

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Moore's Law — the ability to pack twice as many transistors on the same sliver of silicon every two years — will come to an end as soon as 2020 at the 7nm node, said a keynoter at the Hot Chips conference here.While many have predicted the end of Moore's Law, few have done it so passionately or convincingly. The predictions are increasing as lithography advances stall and process technology approaches atomic limits.”For planning horizons, I pick 2020 as the earliest date we could call it dead,” said Robert Colwell, who seeks follow-on technologies as director of the microsystems group at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. “You could talk me into 2022, but whether it will come at 7 or 5nm, it's a big deal,” said the engineer who once managed a Pentium-class processor design at Intel.To read more, go to EETimes News and Analysis.

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