This DSP code was used to create plots in Don Morgan's Spectra column “Simple and Effective,” January 2000 in Embedded Systems Programming magazine. ZIp file contains three files:Listing 1Listing 2PDF of original articleHere's what Morgan writes in article about this code:”All the plots were created using the DSP code in Listing 2 and an Audio Precision audio spectrum analyzer. If you don?t have access to this equipment, but you do have Matlab, you should get comparable plots using the code in Listing 1.”Listing 1 shows a Matlab M-file that you can use to test this filter. You may use it to generate some of the plots and some of the filter configurations that we will talk about in a moment. If you prefer, Listing 2 shows the basic code implemented for DSP56002. Embedded within the last few lines are the changes necessary to produce the other examples I?ll mention later. This code was not optimized. Instead, I opted for clarity and easy adaptability. I encourage you to play with and improve it.”

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