Motion sensor reduces system power consumption -

Motion sensor reduces system power consumption


STMicroelectronics recently introduced the LSM6DSO iNEMO inertial measurement unit (IMU), a highly accurate and power-efficient always-on 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope system-in-package.

Two key features contribute to the improved system-level power efficiency, according to ST. The new IMU features a 9-kB FIFO capable of storing more data than comparable sensors, thereby allowing the system processor to sleep longer and make fewer data requests. The LSM6DSO also features a combination MIPI I 3 C and SPI/I 2 C serial interface. The MIPI I 3 C interface provides dynamic address assignment and follower-initiated communication as well as communication speeds up to 10 times faster than I 2 C.

Faster and less frequent transmission results in the processor sleeping longer and lowers the system’s overall power consumption. The LSM6DSO also features an embedded programmable finite state machine, which offloads simple, repetitive tasks, further lessening the burden on the processor and conserving system power.

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