Motor control kit provides source code for MATLAB libraries -

Motor control kit provides source code for MATLAB libraries

LONDON — Technosoft (Bevaix, Switzerland) has developed the MCK2812 Kit C Pro-MS(BL) motor control kit to improve the research activity and reduce the development time for designers of digital motor control applications.

Starting from the MATLAB-Simulink model, users can adapt the control model, simulate the system, then automatically generate the C code for their schematics. This code can be tested on DSP and, finally, the simulation results can be compared with the real control.

The kit represents a complete motor control development platform, and was designed to support MATLAB’s automatic C code generation. Besides all needed hardware (motor, sensors, power inverter), users get complete development software, including the MATLAB system model and the complete DSP source code application for a brushless motor control.

It provides automatic C code generation from MATLAB, visual modelling and simulation, and graphical tools for DSP system analysis. Engineers get a ready-to-run platform for hardware and software setting-up, and for testing that all system functions work quickly, by simulation, code generation, download, and execution on the DSP system.

The MSK2812 board has a TMS320F2812 running at 150MHz, with 2×12 bits D/A outputs, RS-232, CAN-bus and JTAG interfaces. The kits also includes the PM50, 3-phase inverter power module, a brushless motor equipped with Hall sensors and a 500-line encoder and a real-time serial communication monitor.

The PROCEV28x, Processor evaluation software comes with ASM/C source code while the DMCD28x-Pro Digital Motion Control Developer software includes reference and trace functions.

The DMCode-MS(BL) Source Code library is provided for position and speed control of a brushless motor, including a MATLAB-Simulink model of the complete motor control structure and TI software tools provided are a C-compiler, assembler and linker.

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