Motor-control starter kit includes vector control software -

Motor-control starter kit includes vector control software


STMicroelectronics offers a $35 starter kit, plus a free software algorithm, for implementing efficient vector control in low-voltage motor-driven designs, such as drones, appliances, E-bikes, home automation, health care, and industrial machinery. Comprising a microcontroller board outfitted with an STM32F302R8 32-bit MCU and a plug-in 48-V, 1.4-A motor-driver board with an L6230 driver IC, the STM32 Nucleo Pack provides a plug-and-spin platform for low-voltage three-phase DC brushless motors.

After connecting the boards and motor, the motor is ready to run using the sample trapezoidal (six-step) or sinusoidal (field oriented control) algorithms that are preloaded in the microcontroller. With the motor running, developers can compare and understand control techniques. The controller can be customized in field-oriented-control mode by changing settings using the MC Workbench configurator and code generator.

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