Motorola DSP targets emerging digital audio -

Motorola DSP targets emerging digital audio

The DSP56371 processor is designed to meet the needs of emerging digital audio decoders from Dolby technology and DTS technology, among others. It is adaptable for applications such as audio/video receivers, surround sound decoders, DVD players, digital TV audio systems.

Based on the 56000 core, the DSP56371 is compatible with the DSP5636X family's open software architecture. It's peripherals include a DMA controller, two enhanced serial audio interfaces, a DAX dedicated SPDIF transmitter, a PLL for DSP core clock, SHI (which supports SPI and I2C Master/Slave), a triple timer module, and an OnCE module for hardware debug. The DSP also features integrated SPDIF RX/TX, an enhanced filter coprocessor, and wait and stop modes for conserving power.

The DSP56371 supports the following decoder standards: 3D virtual sound, Lucasfilm THX Surround EX, Lucasfilm THX Ultra 2, Dolby Digital Surround, EXO, Dolby Pro Logic IIO, DTS Neo: 6O, Dolby virtual speaker, HDCD, Waves MaxxBass, SRS circle surround, Surround, soundfield processing, subwoofer management, and advanced equalization.

Motorola plans to offer a lower-cost, pin- and function-compatible version — the 56372 — with about half the integrated memory as the 56371.

Samples of the DSP56371 are scheduled for late in the first quarter of 2003, which production to begin before the end of the year at a cost of $9.95 per unit in quantities of 100,000. Samples of the 56372 are scheduled for the second half of 2003.

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