Mouser raises stakes in Germany -

Mouser raises stakes in Germany


LONDON — Mouser Electronics Inc. has released its first fully translated catalogues for the German market and introduced free FedEx shipping for orders into Europe of over €75.

Until now customers of the electronic component distributor in Germany which focuses on supplying low volume products for design engineers involved with development and prototyping received an English language catalogue with a German wrap-around supplement.

According to Mark Burr-Lonnon, vice president Asia/Europe for Mouser, the German language catalogues have been dispatched to 25 000 customers and prospects throughout Germany.

“We did research on whether we needed a German language catalogue and feedback was mixed,” said Burr-Lonnon. “Just about all the major customers speak English but our customer base includes a lot of smaller customers and those don't necessarily speak English. We dont lose anything by adding a German catalogue.”

In parallel the company is launching a German language website with more local-language websites in Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish, Russian, and Japanese, in testing and likely to go live in the next few days. The company will then have39 country specific websites worldwide in 11 different languages and handling over 22 currencies.

A year ago the company launched aEuropean customer service center in Munich, Germany.

Mouser has also introduced free FedEx shipping on most orders over €75 (£50.00) to most countries in Europe and the costs include all duties and customs fees and also has local VAT added where applicable.

“We know that shipping charges can significantly increase the total cost of a relatively small order, so designers may be prohibited from trying out a new part. With the new FedEx shipping criteria, we can ensure that orders shipped the same day will be delivered with 2-3 days with reduced shipping artes, or even free shipping on orders over €75,” said Burr-Lonnon.

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