Movidius extends Myriad processor to Android -

Movidius extends Myriad processor to Android

LONDON — Movidius (Dublin, Ireland) has developed an Android version of its Myriad multimedia processing platform for mobile phones.

Based on the technology underlying the MA1110, the Myriad silicon and software platform enables a range of differentiating mobile media features including real-time video editing and 3D imaging.

Myriad combines real-time video editing capabilities, 3D imaging and HD quality video recording and playback in a single platform. It also supports Movidius’ video enhancements for improving low-bitrate internet video and mobile television where applicable.

The Myriad Android platform allows applications to include sophisticated video and photo processing to compensate for sub-optimal handset optics. This provides users with enhanced inline video and photo capture quality, while also providing creative enhancements through the addition of unique video and photo effects.

Last June the company licensed IP from cores specialist Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.(San Jose, Calif.) for its next generation SoC.

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