MPC Data improves linux support for SuperH -

MPC Data improves linux support for SuperH


England – Renesas Technology Europe and MPC Data of Bradford-on-Avon have set up a partnership to provide Linux integration support for the SuperH 32-bit microprocessor families. MPC Data has launched to provide dedicated support for embedded linux running on SuperH microprocessors and development boards.

MPC Data provides an embedded linux distribution, tailored for Renesas development boards, that include pre-built binaries, documentation, and full source code. Each board support package includes a precompiled toolchain, a bootloader, a precompiled kernel, and a disk image.

Software integration support is provided either as a free e-mail service or as a paid service for custom software integration development, training, and consultancy.

Support is already available for the EDOSK7705, a lower cost development board for the SH7705, and the SystemH SH7751R, a development board for the SH7751R.

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