MPEG-4 3D graphics player fits mobile handsets -

MPEG-4 3D graphics player fits mobile handsets

IMEC and INT have jointly developed what they are calling the first 3D graphics player for mobile phones based on MPEG-4 3D graphics coding tools. Currently implemented on a Nokia 6630 mobile phone, the MPEG-4 3D graphics player is based on a reduced set of MPEG-4 BIFS (binary format for scenes) nodes to describe the object graph and meshes. Textures are encoded in JPEG2000 format to exploit scalability features. The player supports the decoding and rendering of static and animated 3D graphics objects, making MPEG-4 a suitable choice for representing 3D content for mobile applications such as games.

MPEG-4 is the standard for multimedia for the fixed and mobile web and has been selected by several industry groups which set standards for next-generation mobile communication. It's being used to develop solutions for video on demand and related applications.

More information on IMEC can be found at The player can viewed on-line at in the software section.

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