MPUs: TI ramps up Cortex-A8-based Sitara MPUs to 1 GHz -

MPUs: TI ramps up Cortex-A8-based Sitara MPUs to 1 GHz


Dallas, Texas – Two new ARM-based one gigahertz MPUs are now available from Texas Instruments which offer enhanced system response time, improved boot times and increased battery life.

Incorporating a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A core, the AM3715 and AM3703 processors are designed by the company for use in such applications as portable data terminals, portable medical equipment, home and building automation, navigation systems, smart displays and human machine interface (HMI) industrial design.

The AM3703 can be utilized for applications not requiring graphics. Offering double the graphics performance over previous Sitara devices, the AM3715 enables fluid, complex 3D rendering, picture-perfect visuals and increased graphical user interface (GUI) capabilities.

Both the AM3715 and AM3703 offer a nearly 40 percent increase in ARM performance, and developers can increase application battery life with up to 30 percent decrease in power consumption compared to previous MPUs in the Sitara family.

Available at 300 MHz, 600 MHz, 800 MHz and 1GHz performance levels, the AM37x MPUs are code compatible with TI’s OMAP35x and Sitara AM35x line of processors. Pin-to-pin compatibility between the AM3715 and AM3703 enables designers to easily scale their end products to the defined performance requirements.

The use of a PowerVR Graphics Core allows support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and renders 20 million polygons per second . SDRAM controller and L1 cache improvements have increased memory bandwidth and reduced latency, particularly important in multicore designs.

Incorporating a robust set of peripherals, including USB HS Host x3, USB 2.0 OTG, MMC/SD card interface x3, 1.8V input/output and display subsystem with LCD controller and dual 10-bit DACs, allows multiple connectivity options.

Developers can start work on their designs immediately with the TMDXEVM3715 evaluation module (EVM) for $1,495. The software development kit includes a Linux kernel 2.6.32 board support package complete with Graphical User Interface, Graphics, Applications, demonstrations and development utilities. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 board support package will also be available in 3Q10.

The AM3715 and AM3703 MPUs are available for sampling and priced at USD $26 for the AM3715 and $22.50 for the AM3703 in 1,000 unit quantities (1ku) from TI and TI authorized dealers. To learn more, go to

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