MSC Vertriebs buys in to ABLE Design -

MSC Vertriebs buys in to ABLE Design

LONDON — MSC Vertriebs GmbH has acquired a majority stake in ABLE Design GmbH. ABLE Design GmbH (Munich, Germany) was founded in 1994 focuses mainly on the design of customer-specific display solutions and also sells standard assemblies with TFT, electroluminescent and plasma displays.

In 2007, the company with twelve employees achieved revenues of €4.5 million (about $6.9million).

The consulting and design expertise of ABLE Design in the fields of display technology, glass filters, interfaces, display controllers and housing technology complements the current display portfolio of the MSC Group according to Manfred Schwarztrauber, managing director of MSC. “An increasing number of customers not only want TFTs, LCDs, LCD modules or OLEDs, but preferably want to purchase the complete solution from us,” said Schwarztrauber.

MSC (Stutensee, Germany) and its sister company Gleichmann Electronics are among the largest distributors of displays in Europe but Their focus continues to be classic components distribution.

Displaign Elektronik & Design GmbH (Munich, Germany) is also part of the MSC Group, and can supply customer-specific controllers or other user-specific modifications. the plan is for ABLE Design, for the most part, continue as an autonomous company under its own name and managing director, Gert H. von Steinaecker, will stay with the company for a minimum of another three years.

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