Multi-channel vocoder chip for low-data-rate speech compression -

Multi-channel vocoder chip for low-data-rate speech compression

LONDON — Digital Voice Systems Inc. (DVSI) has introduced a new multi-channel vocoder chip. The AMBE-3003 vocoder chip offers three separate encoder/decoder operations to provide the capability of up to three full duplex channels.

The voice coding rate and the FEC rate for each channel can be specified independently for integration into a variety of design configurations. The AMBE-3003 implements DVSI's most advanced AMBE+2 vocoder technology into a single DSP chip to improve voice quality, with robustness to background noise and channel bit errors.

DVSI says its AMBE+2 vocoder technology has been proven to outperform G.729 and G.726 at half the data rate and less. The vocoder technology is the preferred choice for many mobile radio programs including APCO Project 25 in North America, DMR and dPMR in Europe, and others. DVSI says virtually every current and planned satellite phone system uses DVSI's AMBE+2 vocoder technology.

With 62 built-in voice/FEC rates the AMBE-3003 vocoder chip can be configured to meet most communication systems requirements while providing optimum voice quality and robustness to bit errors and background noise.

If custom rates are desired, a configuration control packet can be used to set virtually any voice and FEC data rate from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps in 50 bps increments. This makes the AMBE-3003suitable for applications where bandwidth is at a premium and voice intelligibility is imperative. It is available in two different packaging configurations: 128 pin low-profile quad flatpack (LQFP) and 179 pin ball grid array (BGA) packages.

For added integration flexibility the AMBE-3003 offers multiple interfaces and advanced features such as: automatic voice/silence detection (VAD), adaptive comfort noise insertion (CNI) and DTMF call progress tone detection/regeneration.

The AMBE-3003 has interoperable modes that provide a seamless migration path from systems already using DVSI's AMBE- 3000, AMBE-2000 and AMBE-1000 vocoder chips.

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