Multi Core VME SBC with 2eSST and Mezzanine Card Extension -

Multi Core VME SBC with 2eSST and Mezzanine Card Extension


Munich, Germany – The A19 is a VMEbus Single Board Computer in double Eurocard format. It supports a multitude of Intel processors, starting from the Core 2 Duo T7400 with 2.16 GHz down to the single core Celeron M versions. Thanks to the 256-bit graphics engine with up to 250MHz integrated in the 945 GME Express chipset this SBC is especially suited for embedded systems with high computing and graphics requirements and low power consumption. The A19 supports connection of up to two monitors with the same or different display content.

VME SBC for advanced industrial applications

The state-of-the-art Tundra bridge controller TSI148 on the SBC supports 2eSST and enables thus a particularly fast and reliable data throughput. The 2eSST protocol is based on synchronous data transfer and thus doubles the theoretical VME transaction bandwidth to up to 320 MB/s. At the same time, however, backwards compatibility with older standards such as VME64 and VME32 is maintained.

Standard I/O on the front panel includes graphics via VGA, two Gigabit Ethernet and two USB 2.0 interfaces. For I/O extension the SBC provides a PMC or XMC slot and a specially developed mezzanine card which can also be used on the CompactPCI-based SBC D9. With a mezzanine card up to four USB and two Gigabit Ethernet ports are led to the rear. The Ethernet channels can be used to realize PICMG 2.16. Further possible I/O via a mezzanine card includes a digital video port via DVI and HD audio. Six PCI Express lanes ensure fast data transfer.

In addition to the 4Gbytes DDR2 RAM system memory the A19 also offers a CompactFlash slot and two SATA ports which can be used on-board or on the backplane. The board can be operated in Windows and Linux environments as well as with real-time operating systems which support Multicore architecture. The Award BIOS has been specially developed for embedded system applications. Management and supervision of the board functions complete the functionality. The board has a guaranteed minimum availability of 5 years.

The VME SBC is by standard equipped with a tailored passive heat sink for rugged industrial applications. Depending on the processor type, the size of the heat sink and the system prerequisites, it can also be used in the extended temperature range. The DDR2-RAM system memory is soldered to guarantee optimum shock and vibration resistance. For operation in humid and dusty environments the module is also prepared for coating.

The A19 is thus suited for a wide range of industrial applications such as monitoring, visualization, control, test and measurement. Main target markets are industrial automation, multimedia, traffic and transport, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical engineering and robotics.

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