Multi-display graphics cards employ fanless cooling method -

Multi-display graphics cards employ fanless cooling method

Montreal, Canada—Matrox Graphics Inc. is offering its Millennium P690 Series fanless multi-display graphics cards in several form factors

The fanless graphics cards offer a power consumption level of 12-watts or less, and unified display drivers for easy deployment across multiple systems. In addition, the P690 Plus LP PCI/PCIe products can be upgraded (via a Quad-HD15 cable) to drive four analog monitors—and up to eight analog or four digital monitors in a joined-graphics card configuration.

The P690 Series is a redesign of the P650 Series graphics cards, combining new 90-nm chip design and DDR2 memory technology with Matrox's unified drivers.

P690 products ship with Matrox PowerDesk software, and are compatible with the free Matrox PowerSpace software that allows users to manage multiple virtual desktops.

Pricing: P690 PCIe x16 128MB $199; P690 PCI 128MB, $199; P690 LP PCIe x16 128MB, $249; P690 LP PCIe x1 128MB, $249; P690 Plus LP PCIe x16 256MB, $289; and P690 Plus LP PCI 256MB, $289. A quad-monitor upgrade cable (CAB-L60-4AXAF) costs $99.
Availability: October.
Datasheets: P690 PCIe x16, P690 PCI, P690 LP PCIe x16, P690 LP PCIe x1, P690 Plus LP PCIe x16, and P690 Plus LP PCI.

Matrox Graphics Inc., 1-514-822-6000,

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