Multi-format test set to include Bluetooth EDR -

Multi-format test set to include Bluetooth EDR

Agilent's N4010A wireless connectivity test set now includes a Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) option. Using Option 105, engineers can now test Bluetooth EDR connectivity during the development, integration, and manufacturing of chip sets, modules and devices. When configured, the test set provides accurate and effective testing of a Bluetooth EDR radio's transmitter and receiver modes. Key transmitter measurements include carrier frequency stability, modulation accuracy, and relative transmitter power. Receiver measurements include EDR sensitivity, EDR BER floor performance, and EDR maximum input level. These transmitter and receiver measurements enable early characterization for emerging EDR designs.

The Agilent N4010A is a one-box test set that measures WLAN 802.a/b/g, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth EDR modules. It supports all chip set makers and provides simpler system integration, improved RF performance, and faster, more accurate measurements. Agilent also offers a flexible, PC-based software application, the Agilent N4017A, that provides graphical analysis of Bluetooth devices and Bluetooth signal generation. Additional information about these products is available at

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